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At Elpistis Homes, we identified the hurdles that the average Nigerian deals with in Navigating the real estate ecosystem, thus we have designed our services such that we bring opportunities to the buying public to leverage.

In the portfolio of services we offer, include:

The brokerage arm of our business sees major involvement in the sale, renting and leasing of both residential and commercial properties across Nigeria. We partner with top real estate development companies to bring the best deals in lands and housing to our clients. We connect buyers to top-notch quality in housing design and structure, affordability and very competitive payment plans to accommodate any budget range.

We develop and build residential and commercial properties across the country. We are constantly expanding our expertise to provide value in the areas of housing and various kinds of infrastructure.

Elpistis Homes is able to provide turnaround services that transform lagging assets to money-spinners.

Elpistis Homes provides home-improvement/re-modelling services for Individuals, private firms, institutions and corporate bodies. We focus on transforming dormant or non-performing assets into viable sources of revenue; hotels, lettable spaces or housing.

This unique service enables our partners exploit untapped revenue streams and increases their overall Return on Investment (ROI).

In decision-making, access to the right information is always very important for customers and investors to commit towards a product, service or project. Elpistis Homes simplifies this process by offering research outcomes, analysis, investment assessments and more, for clients’ advantage.

We carry out assessments on real property and provide detailed report of a property’s market value.

Elpistis Homes offers bespoke integrated facility management solutions for estates and large developments.



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