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It enters the operating mode after we pass about 2-3 meters. As for me, the menu is chosen wisely, on the main screen it eats everything necessary to control the ride. We make a mark on the wheel, sit on the bike and drive a full turn of the wheel. Press and hold the "M" button until you enter the hidden settings menu. Next, we enter the value into the device. – silicone fasteners, The English language should not confuse anyone.
Out of the box, the screen of the device is covered with a shipping film.
The set is rich and includes everything you need for installation and easy installation. Parallel to the magnet, we put the receiver. During transportation, it was not slightly crushed on all sides. Installation is simple and does not require any special knowledge or skills. —a bicycle computer. Just like in the receiver, the battery is already inserted into the device.
The instruction is printed in black and white on a regular sheet of A4 paper. A nice bonus is that the batteries are included and do not need to be purchased separately. There is an odometer, i.e. calculation of the total distance for the whole time, there is a backlight, as well as automatic activation after going to sleep. True, power is not supplied to the device until the plastic seal is pulled out. – CR2032 batteries (2 pcs). The main values ​​on the screen are the current time (in the upper left corner), the distance traveled for the entire time (in the upper right corner), large numbers of the current speed. Now, taking into account the promo code BGNZIBCP, it can be purchased for only $12.85 (with delivery).
But in order for the output results to be correct, it is necessary to make the initial settings. When driving, the numbers run and the distance traveled is counted. If suddenly someone forgot, today we are talking about a wireless speedometer model.
Table of values: There is no need to think about how best to lay the wire. — magnet, There is all the useful information about both operating modes and fine-tuning the bike computer.
To reset the readings for the current trip, you must hold the "S" button for more than three seconds.
The bicycle computer arrived in a branded box with a new design, inherent in all the latest products of the company.
There is an o-ring under the battery cover, but the computer does not have any declared protection class. Therefore, I will not check for water resistance by immersion in liquid. More details later in the review. The manufacturer claims 1 year of battery life with 2 hours of riding every day. — nylon cable ties (4 pcs), It has a large, by the standards of similar devices, screen with good readability, a convenient and understandable menu.
For complete installation, it remains to place the wireless sensor.
The base or platform for installing the bike computer is made universal. We put the tape measure on the ground in the open form (in my case it is a 3-meter tape measure). I think it will be clear to both professionals and beginners. Powered by one CR2032 battery, which is already installed inside.
The manufacturer still recommends measuring the diameter manually. — wireless sensor (sensor),
The device is now almost ready for use.
The distance between them should not exceed 5mm, otherwise the computer will not count the distance. INBIKE IN321 is a computer model from a well-known Chinese brand, with a wireless receiver, a large LCD screen, bright backlight, splash protection and a wide range of functions. Consider the main menus and functions.
The receiver in this
models used wireless, with the function of combating interference and interference. To do this, we attach a magnet from the kit to the spoke of the front wheel (in my case, I left the old one).
In addition, in the settings menu, you can change the display of speed (m / s, km / h), time (12h / 24h), set the correct time, edit the elapsed time (Odometer). Great bike computer for little money.
There is also a built-in backlight, which is activated by simultaneously pressing both buttons at once.
The brightness is quite sufficient to perceive the displayed information without any problems. By the way, it contains all the information displayed on the display.
To be more precise, the box contains: It is enough just to remove the protective seal to apply power and activate the work. Due to this, the speedometer can be placed both on the steering wheel itself and on the removal of the steering wheel. Review published in accordance with clause 18 of the Rules
The computer is placed in a specially designated niche and with a slight turn until it clicks, it is securely fixed.
Next, let’s proceed with the installation of our new device, but before that it must be turned on.
Let’s get acquainted with the technical features: Under them, you can choose to display the trip time, maximum speed per trip, stopwatch, as well as: distance for the current trip, average speed. Merchandise unfortunately not preserved.
We install the mounting pad using a special rubber band.
In terms of dimensions, nothing special, the model is similar to previous devices. – sealing rings, After that, when you press any of the buttons, the screen will be briefly (5 seconds) highlighted in green. In the first paragraph of WS, you need to enter the diameter of the wheel circumference of our bicycle. Useful information is indicated at a minimum, and what is there does not give a clear idea of ​​what we are dealing with. You can find out this parameter either from the table in the documentation attached to the product, or measure it yourself.
Examples of placement on a bicycle:
Bottom mounting type:
Control buttons "M" and "S" on the bottom. The distance traveled from mark to mark will be the number we need. Conclusion The product was provided for writing a review by the store.
If we talk about numbers, they are as follows: 60 x 44 x 15mm.
After the manipulations, the bike computer is completely ready. In continuation of the cycling theme started in the last review, this time we will consider another accessory for cyclists – a bicycle computer or, as it is also called, a digital speedometer (odometer).
Cables, sensor, base and foam pads.

INBIKE – IN321 wireless bike computer: nothing more.

— mounting base (computer mount), — gasket with an adhesive base (2 pcs), —user manual.

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