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At the beginning of the review, and so it seems to have painted, there is nothing special to add.
back side Note: the review contains black (1m) and green (2m) Baseus 66W cables and red (1m) Baseus 40W (1m) TTX – Disassembly – Examples of use – Conclusions Most cables (yes, almost all) come in a regular zip package. Let’s see what’s inside. Cutting?

Cable with screen USB – Type-C Baseus 66W. Here the manufacturer got confused with such a box. Review structure: Below I will duplicate the title picture – in fact, for non-Huawei, so much is stated.
larger I only have Baseus, Xiaomi and Kuula from the “load” and power supplies, so the maximum that I could squeeze out is 30W. There is a certain warranty card and those who have already bought goods of this brand have seen standard stickers. I am sure many owners of all these doctors have gone through similar "Jedi paths". Prologue – Packaging – Specification. Declared maximum up to 66W (or 6A) for Huawei gadgets. It is clear that if you just need to look at the voltage or current (without capacitance), then the most trump cards in terms of price are the blue doctors, from the minuses they stick out notably, in fact, this was the main reason for trying to replace it with something more compact. There is a plastic backing in the box, the connectors are protected by a transport (and for us, an operational) film.

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