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I was happy when I owned it, but I always want to move forward. The driver’s seat is sporty. The mileage on the odometers was native, before the purchase, the car was checked by carfax. Petersburg to Mo. more The fact that the German burghers change to the Japanese – and by no means to Lexuses, but to simple Nissans, Toyotas and Mazdas – they don’t change because Mercedes is cheaper to maintain than Lexus. As a result, after sitting in both cars, I realized that Toyota’s interior is quite primitive and the materials used are of terribly poor quality. Europe, and not in the regions listed above. 06/03/2008 Bought a car at a US auction in 2006. There was a desire to sell the car, but the crisis, plus the unpopularity of the model, played a role. For the entire period of operation, I changed the engine mounts and front struts , there were no more problems. Yes, because of a sharp start, it can surprise many at a traffic light, but not on a long ride. And I made money on it without robbing our state and our pensioners. The car did not demand more attention to itself. After 2-3 hours of driving you start, you get tired. Body kits from Japan. Especially when you offer to compare with Opel, considering this product of General Motors to be a German car. Handling is simply gorgeous – the car steers like a kart, very nimble in traffic, the steering wheel is heavy – you feel the car completely. Operate with arguments, not emotions. During the operation changed 2 times the brake pads and filters. For the city is always enough for the eyes. Dear!Give at least a few good reasons that the Lexus GS300 is better than the Mercedes E-Class, BMW 5 Series or Audi A6. P.S. Petersburg to Moscow. Sorry. And five years ago, when the machine was bought, such a comparison would have seemed wild to me. The condition of the engine is surprisingly excellent, all fluids are available, the oil is also normal. At first there were problems with spare parts, but a company was found that supplies everything to American cars, the waiting time is about two weeks. I won’t say anything bad about the Japanese – they are reliable, modern,
measure interesting design. The car attracts a lot of attention on the street, constantly taking pictures on mobile phones from the windows of passing cars. The car was originally ordered for exclusive tuning. Make no mistake. The seats are very comfortable and the leather on them too. 07/09/2017 Dear!Give at least a few good reasons that the Lexus GS300 is better than the Mercedes E-Class, BMW 5 Series or Audi A6. I did it and I don’t regret it. 11/28/2012 The car is just a fairy tale! Just sitting behind the wheel is a pleasure! And it piles up like – you are amazed! Yes, the sex appeal of this car just rolls over! A h. more At the time of the sale, the car was in working condition, the diagnostics did not reveal any global problems, I hope that the car will please the new owners for a long time. I changed the radio almost immediately, my native Clarion did not read MP-3 and did not catch even waves (costs of American origin), the Clarion was also installed, but without the above disadvantages. For all its pseudo-sportiness, the car is interesting from 0 to 60 km / h, and everything above a hundred is not quite its element, after all, the Honda engine works well at high speeds, and not at 3000 rpm. The choice of Akura is small, we bought the second one that was viewed (the first one was just a monster, welded from two machines, not working vtec and other miracles). First, the car went by ferry to the village of Kotka, and then by car transporter through St. On the speedometer
already 200,000 km. At a speed after 140, the car "draws" into the asphalt, holds the road very well. A lot of driving pleasure is guaranteed. I service the car at the official Honda service. Toyota just doesn’t really know (and bites its elbows itself) how to take the European market, because. there is not only a conservative population, but also a realistic, mundane one. And the growth rate of the Lexus share in Southeast Asia, LA and the USA is not the figure that should be operated on, because. the most demanding buyers are in Zap. 9.12.2009 I would like to share the experience of a fairly long operation of this car. At the time of the sale, she was 7 years old, but there were no signs of corrosion, everything works, the only thing is that the steering wheel and part of the driver’s seat are worn out, but these are things that can be easily removed. I really like her handling, nelomuchest. First, the car went by ferry to the village of Kotka, and then by car transporter through St. Of the minuses – 2 liters is still not enough for this car when you change from a three-liter Honda – the difference is strongly felt, especially in acceleration on the highway from 120-140 km.h. A year and a half passed – nothing unplanned broke, I sorted out small things on the suspension, repaired the generator and, perhaps, everything. The first impression is that it steers perfectly, the handling is super, the machine does not blunt, a little harsh, low landing – a tribute to pseudo-sportiness, but the car is not low, according to my feelings, the Lexus GS is lower, again tires are not low profile, which is a plus for our roads. The fisherman was very unimportant to the typewriter: either dirt in the cabin, then a small accident, then scratched the bumper, then almost shorted out the electrician, trying to put dividends, then the gulf instead of normal gasoline. All consumables were taken at the market. Once I took a bathroom cabinet, it wouldn’t fit into a regular car, but it’s no problem in a small car. The suspension is sporty stiff, so long-distance rides are tricky. Initially, the car was bought as a kind of addition, and not as the only car in the family. Of course I tried to race the rsx with my coupe chord. There is no sound insulation, to put it mildly, but it is not really needed in this car, because the main sound is a cool engine sound that sounds clearly better than driving. While driving like this, I just never slow down two meters from the car, I always keep my distance – it’s safer that way. The amount that was offered for it – about $ 10,000, just made me laugh, it was decided to leave it in the family as a substitute, now my wife is going to study with her, although I hope that it will not come to that))). I thought I would easily leave on three liters – but no. up to 60 they went nose to nose, in first gear the chord even lost a little, but after 60-80 the Acura has no chance. Everything is very good in the cabin, the red stylish instrument lighting, the leather does not
wears out, the seats are comfortable with good lateral support, the rear ones fold down and the trunk becomes just gigantic, everything you need always fits in. At first it was fun, then it started to annoy. Initially, the car was bought as a kind of addition, and not as the only one. more Car seats with comfortable lateral support. It is foolish to write here that everyone who has achieved something in life is thieves, bandits, and so on. I didn’t even ride. This car is for those who want to be the center of attention on the road. The good news is that Honda is super reliable, nothing just falls off, if a malfunction is detected in the suspension, then on a small knock you can easily leave for 2-3 weeks until the spare parts arrive, so I never experienced any problems with the order. Even now, sometimes, on a day off, I drive it. The car came in good condition, only slightly dirty inside, the dry cleaning of the interior was immediately done. The fact that the German burghers transplanted. more Consumption in the city is about 12-14 liters of the 95th, on the highway about 10. I like all the interior trim materials, everything is very well fitted, there are no crickets in the cabin. Those. a normal kind of collective farm fisherman, with some connivance of the owners. The car was bought in the states from an auction, at a bargain price, with some adventures delivered to Odessa, cleared by customs, delivered to Kyiv on a tow truck (the keys arrived a little later than the car). As for the machine – everything is fast, clear and when you need it. They change because of global savings on everything: driving a simple Japanese car is several times cheaper than driving the same big three and the same. Do not judge my review strictly. Delivery waited 2 months. I really like the red sports illumination of the instrument panels and the short automatic transmission lever. Delivery waited 2 months. From what I like to note handling, operation of the machine, interior design. Envy is a bad feeling, and it is she who, apparently, drives many who hate the Germans here. For 2 years of operation, there have never been any problems. "Japanese" works like a clock. For all its inexpensiveness, the car attracts the attention of others, I already wrote in the comments to the review about the Selick that somehow a friend let me ride for two weeks on her Mercedes-coupe, alas, I don’t remember the index, I don’t understand Mercedes, and so people around him have zero attention, they often look at Akura. Another downside is the brakes. 12/08/2009 12/09/2009 I would like to share my experience of quite a long operation of this car. And not only in words at the beginning of his opuses. It just sounded great, at least the favorite Deep Purple in Acura sound an order of magnitude better than the Levinson brand in Lexus, I involuntarily compare it with what I drive all the time. Good luck and respect to everyone. The second car was ideal, only the engine mount was changed when we started driving. Summary: 1. an excellent and unusual car for the city (I don’t understand people who buy cars at all, like everyone else – it’s boring to be a gray mass in a stream.) 2. amazing reliability 3. awesome driving excitement behind the wheel – you get younger on And, of course, seasonal oil changes. At one time I chose for my wife between Selick and rsx, only on automatic machines. In the city, you can drive the D3 – the car becomes much more dynamic. Yes, the stiffness of the suspension and very hard seats in the city are pleasing (I already wrote about handling), and when you shake along the highway, you start to get tired on rough roads – the car is still urban. If you have any questions, I’ll be happy to try to answer. 1.04.2010 Despite the crisis, the car was easily sold for quite reasonable money, which turned out to be somewhat less than the cost of my watch. To be honest, they are noticeably better on the chord, maybe you need to put good pads or change the kit to type-s – the brakes are more "correct" there. Of the shortcomings, I will note the not the most confident behavior of a front-wheel drive car with a gun in winter, on the mechanics the car is more predictable, as well as all-wheel drive on a machine. chief where the wife will send to work. Once the trolley bus slightly caught up in the ass, everything was done under insurance on a branded Honda. I really liked the steering wheel, small, with very pleasant skin. But when the car was taken from him, cleaned, washed, refueled with good gasoline, it again became an excellently driven machine that was pleasant to drive. Lexus. Spare parts for maintenance are always available, the rest is on order (I’m used to, the second car is a honda accord coupe 3.0, also an infrequent beast on our roads) I put only original spare parts, including oil, perhaps the exception is brake pads. I think that it will completely pass all 500,000 without engine capital and other large investments. The dynamics of the car is decent, good insulation of the cabin. There was a moment there was a desire to do body airbrushing, but the artist got lost somewhere. But the tires on the car were completely non-existent, so the car was immediately changed. Only good memories remained about the car itself, it never let me down, I drove everywhere myself, no stupid stories happened, thanks again to Honda for a successful car.

Acura RSX Reviews

I bought a car at a US auction in 2006. not bad. Although I note that the steering wheel on the track is dead at zero point and the car drives like glued, even at speeds of 160-180, while you can safely rebuild without scaring yourself and passengers)). The car is just a fairy tale! Just sitting behind the wheel is a pleasure! And it piles up like – you are amazed! Yes, the sex appeal of this car just rolls over! And the sound of the engine just caresses the ear, especially at high speeds! I took the most "evil" Type S package (203 mares in stock, 6-speed manual transmission) consciously, because I think that the RSX should be just like that. For all its pseudo-sportiness, a normal car for every day. The car was mostly serviced in the garage, although a banal light bulb about
oil change was filmed on a branded Honda, garage workers do not have a program. He himself exploited the Swedes, and our cars, and new Japanese units, but there was always an idiotic dream to change to a German. This is by no means the case. The car is convenient for one, the back row of seats is for children or for short adults, but due to the fact that the rear seats fold down, you can put in the car something that will not fit into a regular trunk.

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